Market Basket – Asked to leave!

A trip to my Local Market Basket …(Storrs St , Concord, NH) Monday, 7-20-20 Upon entering the store I was greeted by a mask “security guard” employee at Market Basket—the store I stood with through the boycott, The ONLY store I shop at. I was asked to wear a mask. I said “no thanks.” I was … Read more

PLANET FITNESS is a ‘Liberty-Free Zone’

I was recently THROWN OUT of my Planet Fitness location in Belmont, NH, where I have been a member for 7 years, for refusal to wear the Mask of the Beast. On June 24, I had entered the facility, employed their “touchless” scanner and proceeded to the exercise area where, pursuant to State “guidelines,” masks … Read more

What are we teaching our children?

After 30 years operating a Child Care Center in New Hampshire, I am considering closing. I love caring for children. I have a great team of teachers. I have great families who need my center to be open. However, regulations imposed by the State of New Hampshire are choking us. There used to be four … Read more

Those who are empathetic to animals will understand

One of our beloved cats of more than 11 years was euthanized on Saturday, April 11, and my daughters and I weren’t allowed to comfort her during her last breath. Earlier in the week, Blossom the cat stopped eating. This was highly unusual for her, since she was on steroids two times a day for … Read more

I may die from the shutdown ‘cure’

I am 66 years old and due to a drunk driving accident 40 years ago, I have a six-tooth bridge across my upper front teeth. Four weeks ago that bridge fell out. I am lucky because my dentist was operating for emergencies during this time, but it still took eight days after the bridge fell … Read more

Life’s Journey Living NH Free

Never skipped a beat, I’ve been working 50 hrs a week amid varying conditions of normal life, now with an added attempt at precautionary measures. I watched a vibrant State come to a halt. The highway is vacant, but in the dawn come the businesses that build a State, that support an economy. We work, … Read more

A Lot of Loss

On May 1, 2019, I lost my daughter in a horrible car accident on route 101. I lost a lot of income due to that. I filed for the NH victim fund for assistance and was denied that for assistance. Now here we are in 2020, I have lost both jobs of serving tables and … Read more

Historic Inn on the brink

Eight years ago I quit my job as a lawyer, moved to New Hampshire from the deep south, and bought what is now a 180 year old inn and began a new life as an innkeeper. It’s been incredibly hard work and a struggle financially every off season until last year. I love what I … Read more

Hospitals laying off workers

WHERE’S THE EMERGENCY!? On Friday, May 8th, Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough announced it was furloughing over one hundred employees. This comes at a time when we are supposedly “preparing for the worst” in our state and are not allowed by His Majesty (intentional dig) the governor to exercise our natural rights, lest we be … Read more