The crushing of the entrepreneurial spirit through excessive and irrational government intervention

I have been self-employed for over 30 years. In this time period, I have had successes and failures. As an entrepreneur, I understand that there are always risks in every decision that I make and those decisions are carefully weighed in terms of the successes they may or may not yield.

Certain things are unavoidable such as competition, which is another entrepreneur’s attempt at the same market share. The threat of competition is the number one thing that keeps us entrepreneurs on our toes.

What has proven to be out of our control is the ability of the government to come in and take away everything that we have built. This has never been figured into any entrepreneurial equation—ever. Just the consideration that the government can force closures is preposterous, and no bank would ever lend to anyone knowing that they may not get a return on the lending risk they have taken. You simply can’t factor government overreach and control into a business plan.

Businesses that the public has come to take for granted could be any thing from manufacturing jobs to entertainment, lodging, restaurants, retail or your local gym. These businesses don’t just exist on their own. They have been created by risk takers for your pleasure and livelihood.

There will be, and already is carnage of the entrepreneur due to excessive government intervention during this “crisis.” Be aware, public, that when the spirit and the backbone of the entrepreneur is broken, that when we come out of this, the United States will be a very different place than what you were once used to.

Please stand up for your local businesses while they are doing their best to get through this tough time. The small business is the backbone of this country and it needs to prevail.

Jeff North
Newport, NH