I may die from the shutdown ‘cure’

I am 66 years old and due to a drunk driving accident 40 years ago, I have a six-tooth bridge across my upper front teeth.

Four weeks ago that bridge fell out. I am lucky because my dentist was operating for emergencies during this time, but it still took eight days after the bridge fell out to get a temporary bridge into my mouth. During that time, I developed a raging infection, which has been very slow to heal. The fear has been that the infection could spread to my eye/ brain and kill me. Had there been no lockdown, I would have been seen within hours and had a temporary bridge installed in that time and would not have had any infection at all.

After two weeks of antibiotics, after many visits, and after my dentist consulting with specialists, it has been determined that the infection has healed and that the pain that I am still feeling is due to the infected tissue healing. It may be another three weeks before they can install a new permanent bridge.

And all this happens at great expense financially, which being self employed, we will have to use retirement money to pay for. We have had nearly no income for two months and May looks no better.

Thanks government.

Jill Domosh
Derry, NH

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