Those who are empathetic to animals will understand

One of our beloved cats of more than 11 years was euthanized on Saturday, April 11, and my daughters and I weren’t allowed to comfort her during her last breath.

Earlier in the week, Blossom the cat stopped eating. This was highly unusual for her, since she was on steroids two times a day for IBD. Steroids had always made her incredibly hungry. She was on prescription food and a probiotic as well. When we changed her can food to another prescription option, she seemed okay for a couple of days. On Friday April 10th she stopped eating again. Our vet wanted to evaluate her. I was not allowed in the building for the appointment. The veterinarian called my cell as I sat in my car and felt an X-Ray was needed, given the symptoms present. I sat in my car and waited for the call back. It wasn’t good. Our beloved Blossom had a mass taking up an entire lung. I brought her home so that the five of us could spend what little time we had left with her.

The following morning Blossom had not eaten, nor had anything to drink, and she didn’t want to be held or touched. It was time. Protocol was exactly the same as the day prior, two of my daughters and I waited in the car while they administered the drug to end her life. It was incredibly uncaring, inhumane and cruel that we could not be with her physically when she drew her last breath.

I know it may not seem like much to a lot of people, but for us it made saying goodbye to our little rescue cat all that much more heartbreaking.
I keep hoping that none of my remaining animals needs ANY veterinary care during this plandemic, because they are companion animals that deserve having their humans by their side at these highly stressful times in their lives.

I hope to God the State opens up and ends this nonsense socialism experiment. The administration cooked the books to fit the narrative.

Rest In Peace Blossom Von Yum Yum

Kristen Freeman
New Boston, NH

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