Life’s Journey Living NH Free

Never skipped a beat, I’ve been working 50 hrs a week amid varying conditions of normal life, now with an added attempt at precautionary measures.

I watched a vibrant State come to a halt. The highway is vacant, but in the dawn come the businesses that build a State, that support an economy. We work, month after month, we work. In the midst of a fear-mongering media and a lying federal government, we work outside, inside, around colleagues and contractors. We work while everyone shelters and masks up.

I’m not sure if it’s the federal Covid money, political posturing or what, but our N.H. Citizens and small businesses are suffering.

Lead Chris Lead, let the cards fall where they may. History is going to write the story of the scared and the brave. I wear no mask, I never get a flu vaccine and won’t start either, and yet here I am at 56 in the public domain working while my neighbors are confused and scared to move around.

I’m not hugging my kids or holding my grandchildren.

It’s time to trust in God and Country and open up New Hampshire.

God Bless!

An American Citizen
A Patriot
Donald Demers
Derry, NH

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