The unintended consequences of Governor Sununu’s stay at home order has been far-reaching — from tens of thousands unemployed, tens of thousands with reduced income and hours, empty and nearly bankrupt hospitals, needed medical and dental procedures postponed, “non-essential” businesses on the brink of bankruptcy — and most in our state are unaware of the collateral damage that our fellow citizens are suffering. Please read and share these stories, and even add your own. 


My name is Cathy and I am owner of two tattoo shops. I am proud to say we had 10 Tattoo Artists working within our 2 shops as independent subcontractors, along with 3 employees. When we first started hearing about Corona Virus, we were just ending our slow season (November through mid February) looking forward to what we now as the start of peak season. By the second week of March we were all going to die due to this fast spreading virous. We decided to stop tattooing a few days prior to Gov. Sununu’s announcement of closing for five

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My Dad’s Solitary Last Dying Days

I lost my Dad in March. Sadly we couldn’t visit him due to Covid-19. He lost his eyesight, couldn’t use his cell phone, had no phone in his room, and it was a week before I got a call through to him. It was then that I found out they never told him that visitors were not allowed anymore. My Dad spent one of his final weeks in agony wondering why he had no visitors, and then a couple more weeks after that alone. Pictured is probably my second to last visit, when I was trying to cheer him up

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Running out of money

We have a family friend who runs three business, a hair salon, an AirBnB and she’s a realtor. All of that came to a screeching halt thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown. Like so many people she has no income but the bills keep rolling in. Given the pattern of infection within N.H. it is long past due for most of the state to open up for business. The “cure” has already been worse than the disease given COVID-19 has a death rate of approximately 1% when you use the most accurate data. Robin Maloney Wilton, NH

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My health requires gyms to open NOW without restrictions!

When people ask me how I’m doing, I give an honest reply: “I’m gaining weight and losing my mind. It should be the other way around!” I am a 63 year old retired man. Twelve years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes. This was the good swift kick I needed. I got really serious about heath and diet. In normal times, I go to the gym every single day and spend more than two hours there. As a result, I have none of the complications or side effects of diabetes, and when they retest me I am “borderline,” which means

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Teenage son in hospital being kept from family

I wanted to share my story in hopes that it might help make a difference in reopening New Hampshire! A lot of details were left out to protect the privacy of our family and for my 14-year-old son. The last two months have been unfathomable.  My family has been separated with no tangible ending. My 14-year-old son, on March 9, was brought to Concord Hospital. He remained there for 11 days while the hospital worked to get him transferred to another facility for care. During the time he was at Concord Hospital, it was most definitely a very traumatic

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Church assemblies need to reassemble

The decision of our government to shut down our economy as had a direct impact on the lives of so many people, people I love. The first is the shut-down of our freedom to join together to freely worship, something guaranteed by the Constitution of the USA. I suppose it is easy for people to simply stay home and turn on some device to “do church” in their jammies, but call me old fashioned, a zealot, out of touch—who cares—the truth is that God’s people are the “called out ones” for a reason. We are to make an outward testimony

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Had to close my restaurants

I had two restaurants. One in Marlborough ( and on in Dublin ( I had to close them both. We have been closed since mid-March. We tried take out but being in a remote location it just did not work out. There is no delivery services in the area either. From what I hear they will “allow” restaurants to reopen on May 25th but at 50% capacity. I would think that in my locations where the tables are close together, particularly at the bar, they will not even allow that. I had a lot of money invested at both locations

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Reopening Salon May 4

I have a salon in New London New Hampshire that needs to open ASAP. I took a week to process the shut down of my business and then after that week I went right back into the salon and prepared for the safety of my staff and my clients never did I think my salon would be closed for this long. It’s a disgrace the beauty industry is one of the most regulated industries but unfortunately a lot of times it’s not enforced. The state board needs to lock down on these renters these are just hairdressers having a hobby

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Business loan useless while doors are still closed

I have been the owner of a large health club in NH for over 25 years, employing approximately 100 people. We provide a healthy lifestyle to thousands of members and are a valuable part of the community.  We will soon be entering our third month of forced closure with no definitive end in sight. How does the governor expect a business to survive that? Although my revenues have come to a complete halt my expenses have not. I have been forced to layoff a large percentage of my employees and I am still expected to pay my rent, taxes, utilities, loans….. The PPP program, while well

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