Tell Sen. Bradley: END vaxx mandates in NH!


‼️ ALERT ‼️ A RebuildNH signature anti-mandate bill in jeopardy! HB1210 is the ONLY bill that helps protect employee rights to exemption from vaccine mandates, and we learned tonight that Sen. Jeb Bradley wants this bill killed. Sen. Bradley cares more about woke business agendas than individual liberty.

Contact Senator Bradley and tell him he must pass HB1210 to protect your right to bodily autonomy.

Talking points:

  • HB1210 is the ONLY bill that helps protect employee rights to exemption from vaccine mandates.
  • We need to eliminate the inquisition that many employees were put through in order to gain religious exemptions.
  • Individual rights trump the desires of corporations.


We, the People of New Hampshire, Demand NO MASKS ON STUDENTS


How have Gov. Sununu's State of Emergency affected New Hampshire citizens? ​

Autistic child not receiving services

My one-year old daughter has been diagnosed with autism. Because of the stay at home order, her therapists have all closed their offices. They have deemed that due to my daughter’s short attention span (she’s a one-year old with autism) that she is not a candidate for tele-health. Because of

Felt threatened while shopping

I do not want to disclose the company’s name as they respected the fact that I can not wear masks due to my medical conditions. The place of business is located in Manchester, NH. I went out for my monthly grocery shop yesterday 8/5/20 while entering the business. They have

Southern NH Medical Center abuses parental rights

I was at southern NH medical center in Nashua 12/7 for a long awaited specialist appointment for my 7 yr old with my wife when I was told only one parent could go to the appointment. I told them I thought they were overstepping and violating my parental rights. This

A whole family with health issues treated unfairly

I have severe glaucoma and if I don’t wear a mask for a one hour appointment then my glaucoma specialist refuses to treat me. I haven’t had an appointment with her since before this whole pandemic started. I also have congestive heart failure and wearing a mask makes me dizzy.

My Dad’s Solitary Last Dying Days

I lost my Dad in March. Sadly we couldn’t visit him due to Covid-19. He lost his eyesight, couldn’t use his cell phone, had no phone in his room, and it was a week before I got a call through to him. It was then that I found out they


My name is Cathy and I am owner of two tattoo shops. I am proud to say we had 10 Tattoo Artists working within our 2 shops as independent subcontractors, along with 3 employees. When we first started hearing about Corona Virus, we were just ending our slow season (November

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