A Lot of Loss

On May 1, 2019, I lost my daughter in a horrible car accident on route 101. I lost a lot of income due to that. I filed for the NH victim fund for assistance and was denied that for assistance.

Now here we are in 2020, I have lost both jobs of serving tables and nursing due to COVID. I keep trying to help myself financially out of both of these financial holes that were no fault of my own. I have always worked multiple jobs and have lost so much income due to both situations.

I am trying to hang on to my mental health now, as I just celebrated the first anniversary of the loss of my daughter with stay at home orders, which has been difficult for us all.

I need to get back to work! I have even applied for landscaping job! There are very few jobs open: contract nursing jobs and I have also applied to local hospitals as well. Please help and get us back open! This is just New Hampshire. Please get back to our Live Free or Die motto!

Elaine Courtemanche
Dover, NH

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