The RebuildNH Scorecard Is Out

At the end of each two-year term, RebuildNH publishes a scorecard. Unfortunately, the Senate did not roll call enough bills to create a scorecard, but you can check out how your House members did. You can search by name and filter by town, grade, or party affiliation.  Scorecard Here! RebuildNH Fundraiser July 10 at 7 … Read more

Success! Dangerous Bill Thwarted!

SB417, a bill that RebuildNH has been fighting since January, went to Committee of Conference this week. RebuildNH’s treasurer, Rep JR Hoell was on the committee and ensured that the bill was amended to protect families in New Hampshire. The bill now heads back to the full House and Senate to be concurred but RebuildNH … Read more

Aaron Siri In Concord Tomorrow!

Aaron Siri, the brilliant civil rights attorney behind many of the anti-vaccine mandate and vaccine injury lawsuits (including the ICAN lawsuits and FOIA requests surrounding the covid vaccine), will be presenting tomorrow, May 16th, in front of the House Special Committee on Covid Response Efficacy at 10:00 a.m. in the LOB room 301-303. This meeting … Read more

Legislative Update Week of March 4th, 2024

Monday, March 4th, N.H. HouseEducationLOB, Room 205-207 ⭐ 12:30 p.m. – OPPOSE –HB1610 This bill has generated a lot of chatter. According to the bill title, it requires public school standardized testing for students who accept an Education Freedom Account (EFA). However, the bill text applies to all children in “all learning environments,” i.e., public … Read more

Legislative UpdateWeek of Feb. 19th, 2024

Last week, the House voted on HB1677, a bill expanding the Education Freedom Account program to all failing districts. Unfortunately, the bill failed. By the time they got to this bill, Republicans had lost the majority in the room, and Democrats were vehemently opposed to education choice programs. Our treasurer, Rep JR Hoell, wrote this fantastic … Read more

Director’s Report: February 12th, 2024

Director’s Report is back! It’s a busy week coming up in the 603! Listen, stay engaged, fight for liberty! Last week, we asked you to contact your reps about HB1002, a bill that would add a $25 hourly fee for right-to-know requests. The bill was reconsidered Thursday and sent back to the committee.  Please contact … Read more

Legislative Update Week of Jan. 29, 2024

Wednesday, January 31st, N.H. SenateHealth and Human ServicesSH, Room 100 ⭐ 10:00 a.m. – OPPOSE–SB559This bill seeks to redefine the term “vaccine” because, according to the current definition, the state of NH illegally purchased the COVID-19 “vaccines.” According to this proposed definition, any “vaccine” that is approved by the FDA will be approved for the … Read more

RebuildNH calls out Gov. Sununu’s inaugural address hypocrisy

Yesterday, Gov. Sununu was sworn in for his fourth term. His inaugural speech (watch the video here) was laughable in its lack of self-awareness. Among other things, he claimed that NH “said no to mandates,” “puts individuals ahead of the system,” “kept the lights on” when other states shut down businesses, and more. He even claimed … Read more

RebuildNH Releases Endorsements, Candidate Scorecard Tools for Upcoming Elections

EAST DERRY, N.H.—RebuildNH is excited to release two powerful tools that will help New Hampshire voters elect a slate of candidates for the upcoming Legislative session who will continue to effectively fight for the people’s freedom. 2022 Endorsements: This first tool allows voters to search by their town to find the candidates RebuildNH has endorsed who they can vote … Read more

RebuildNH Celebrates As 10 Supported Bills Become Law

Now that all of this year’s RebuildNH bills have had their day on the governor’s desk, we’re pleased to announce that 10 of our legislative efforts from this year have passed into law. We could not have advanced this pro-liberty legislation without your help, and we are quite grateful for your efforts. The following RebuildNH supported bills … Read more