Legislative Update Week of April 22nd, 2024

Are Republicans Really the Party of Parental Rights? Let’s Find Out. Wednesday, April 24th, N.H. SenateHealth and Human ServicesSH, Room 103 ⭐ 9:00 a.m. – SUPPORT –HB1365 This free-market pharmaceutical bill allows for biosimilar substitutions, a practice that has been standard in Europe for years. Please tell the committee to support this common-sense bill. 🔗 Click here to … Read more

Legislative Update Week of April 15th, 2024

This is your chance! This bill has already passed the House and arrived in the Senate. According to the School Board Association, masks are the new standard of disease mitigation. They will come back at the first signs of any new outbreak unless we ban this pseudoscience forever. Please attend if you can! We need … Read more

Director’s Report: April 8th, 2024

It’s Groundhog Day in the NH Senate as the same troublesome bill heads back to the floor amended… with identical language. Legislative Update Week of April 8th, 2024 We have told you about this bill before. SB459. Senate Judiciary just passed it, but it was sent back to Senate Finance. Finance will vote on it … Read more

Legislative Update Week of April 1st, 2024

Thursday, April 4th, N.H. Senate SESSION ⭐ OPPOSE OTP – SB459This bill adds emotional and psychological harm as benchmarks for the presumption of harm to a child. While we acknowledge that psychological abuse is real, it is not something that can be measured. Only objective, measurable, quantifiable metrics should be used as a reason to terminate parental … Read more

Legislative Update Week of March 25th, 2024

Thursday, March 28st, N.H. House SESSION ⭐ SUPPORT OTP – HB1280This bill defines informed consent and patients’ rights in the context of a doctor-patient relationship. It codifies minimum best practices in the delivery of health care and serves as a necessary stopgap against the increasingly perfunctory execution of medical services driven by the growing administrative infrastructure … Read more

Addendum Legislative Update Week of March 18th, 2024

Thursday, March 21st, N.H. House SESSION ⭐ OPPOSE ITL, SUPPORT OTP – HB1664This bill allows any patient who was under 21 years old at the time of treatment and hurt by gender transition surgeries or drugs to be able to sue for damages for 20 years or at any time for infertility. The medical establishment and … Read more

Legislative Update Week of March 18th, 2024

Thursday, March 21st, N.H. House SESSION ⭐ SUPPORT INTERIM STUDY/OPPOSE OTP – HB1002 It’s BACK! This bill has done a ring around the rosey. It requires that an hourly fee be charged for right to know requests that take over 10 hours to complete. First the bill was “ought to pass” out of committee and passed … Read more

Legislative Update Week of March 11th, 2024

Good News! HB1610, the bill that would have required all homeschooled, private schooled, or EFA students to be subjected to mandated public school standardized testing, was voted Inexpedient to Legislate unanimously by the committee and is as good as dead. Thank you to everyone who helped in this effort! HB1002, the bill that would have … Read more

Legislative Update Week of March 4th, 2024

Monday, March 4th, N.H. HouseEducationLOB, Room 205-207 ⭐ 12:30 p.m. – OPPOSE –HB1610 This bill has generated a lot of chatter. According to the bill title, it requires public school standardized testing for students who accept an Education Freedom Account (EFA). However, the bill text applies to all children in “all learning environments,” i.e., public … Read more

Legislative UpdateWeek of Feb. 26th, 2024

It’s a quiet week in the New Hampshire Legislature because of February school vacation week.  However, a bill just recently came to my attention, and while it has already had a public hearing, it could use some support this week leading up to the committee vote at the beginning of March. N.H. HouseCommerce ⭐ SUPPORT … Read more