Hospitals laying off workers


On Friday, May 8th, Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough announced it was furloughing over one hundred employees.

This comes at a time when we are supposedly “preparing for the worst” in our state and are not allowed by His Majesty (intentional dig) the governor to exercise our natural rights, lest we be wiped out by some unseen and yet to be destructive hoax, farce, scam, virus or whatever we wish to call it.
The only solution to this problem is obviously to vote out all of those responsible and replace them with individuals that understand the value of liberty, freedom and hard work.

The question is, who can now run for office in their place?

In New Hampshire we are expected to volunteer 57% of our time to state representative and senate positions with no true financial compensation. Who will now be able to afford that? While struggling to regain a small semblance of our former existence, will us common folk still have the time and financial freedom necessary to fill those seats?

Among the overwhelming effects brought on by this destruction of our way of life, the retention of the ability to govern ourselves must be paramount in our minds, yet we continue to believe that trust in a corrupt hierarchy of career politicians grasping for absolute power will be our salvation. It most certainly will not.

As our ability to control our own destiny is slowly taken from us and we continue to not see or acknowledge the motivations behind it, we should always be reminded of an old saying:¬†“Sometimes in life we get what we want, most times we get what we deserve.”

Jon Collins
Troy, NH

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