Struggling with loneliness

I live in Hampton Beach, and I love the community—I call Hampton my adopted city. I’ve been very fortunate to still be working, but every day is a challenge because I live alone, I’m the only member of my family in the state, and I have not been able to have my family over to … Read more

Autistic daughter not receiving needed therapy

My autistic daughter is suffering due to this stupid shut down. She cannot receive much needed therapy because Ready Set Connect refuses to open even though they are an essential business Gina Seaboyer MANCHESTER, NH

Business and elderly clients are shells of themselves

I have a cleaning business that has contracted to a shell of itself. This story is not about money—lucky for me, I am not a typical consumer and have multiple sources of income. I presently am going to one account every two weeks. My client is elderly and was a very youthful 80-year-old before this … Read more

Forced to close or sell our business

I’m a 58 year old handicapped women that owned a very successful business in Worcester, MA for 28 years. I gave that business to my son, and we opened in NH 2 years ago because we bought a house in Hampton. I could work out of my home for free, but it’s not allowed because … Read more

Twelve years of hard work about to be lost

I started my business in March of 2008. A small barbershop in Somersworth NH. At the time, I was sleeping in the hallway in the back of the shop, cooking on a hot plate, and bathing in a Rubbermaid bin with a hose I hooked up from the sink. I couldn’t afford an apartment and … Read more

Doctor’s prescription to walk the closed beaches

As more and more basic freedoms were being taken from me, when the beaches were shut down, the closing required me to go to my physician’s office to ask for a prescription to keep up my daily practice of walking the beach barefooted and deep breathing the salt air. This is my basic medical practice … Read more

Waiting for time sensitive ESSENTIAL surgery

In mid-March I was told that my MRI revealed the pain and swelling in my knee was due to my meniscus root being torn off the bone. This repair is time sensitive and must be done within a specific window or it will escalate to a full blown knee replacement. Unfortunately, my doctor told me … Read more

Social Worker: Stay at home orders magnifying mental illness, unsafe homes

I am a clinical social worker with a background in behavioral health. Although, I am able to see some clients thru tele health not all clients are appropriate for this venue, due to their mental instability, lack of technology and unsafe home environments. Ongoing stay at home orders are causing an increase in mental illness, … Read more