What are we teaching our children?

After 30 years operating a Child Care Center in New Hampshire, I am considering closing.

I love caring for children. I have a great team of teachers. I have great families who need my center to be open. However, regulations imposed by the State of New Hampshire are choking us.

There used to be four centers in my town. Now I am the only one left. We have regulations that are 80 pages long. Now the governor tells us to follow new guidelines that make it unbearable to function properly.

The governor expects us to have staff wear masks inside and out, cold weather, hot weather, even while teaching swimming in a pool. He would have us put children six feet apart when having a snack. They would need to sleep on mats six feet apart. I am licensed for 102 children. I would need to cut my enrollment in half.

Our children would suffer under these type of restrictions. Should we pin them to clotheslines six feet apart? Are we prepared to provide childcare like some do in France?

Governor Sununu – don’t hang us out to dry!

Linda Mencis
Sandown, NH

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