The unintended consequences of Governor Sununu’s stay at home order has been far-reaching — from tens of thousands unemployed, tens of thousands with reduced income and hours, empty and nearly bankrupt hospitals, needed medical and dental procedures postponed, “non-essential” businesses on the brink of bankruptcy — and most in our state are unaware of the collateral damage that our fellow citizens are suffering. Please read and share these stories, and even add your own. 

A whole family with health issues treated unfairly

I have severe glaucoma and if I don’t wear a mask for a one hour appointment then my glaucoma specialist refuses to treat me. I haven’t had an appointment with her since before this whole pandemic started. I also have congestive heart failure and wearing a mask makes me dizzy. My non-verbal very sweet and polite son has autism and he was refused entrance into a restaurant. He is very lonely and outings to restaurants are very important for his mental health. The Office for the Disabilities Act said they can just bring food to the car and that he

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What if a customer is hearing-impaired?

I work part-time at an auto parts store. I had a customer last week who was completely deaf. I pulled down my mask (required by my employer) for a second and pointed to my mouth and asked if he read lips. He said, “A little.” I spent the rest of this interaction communicating with this customer by typing messages into the Notes app on my smartphone. But this got me thinking: “How do deaf people communicate when everyone is wearing a mask?” Someone suggested clear or translucent masks that allow a hearing-impaired person to read lips. What are their limitations?

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How the Shutdown Changed My Life

Schools suddenly closed in mid March. All the families whose dogs I walked to earn half of my income were suddenly at home. I have not walked one dog since that time. My customers are now at home with their dogs. I have had one vacation pet sitting job since then. Most people are not traveling or vacationing, and I have not been hired to pet sit, but for that one job. My piano students stopped coming. We tried some Skype, Zoom, and Duo lessons. The younger students could not manage it. I retained a few students, but because I

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Our visit to a nursing home

We went today (09/23/2020) to visit an elderly friend we have not seen since the Covid restrictions went into effect along with lockdowns (months). We arrived at the nursing home and had to pull up front and call the desk for someone to come out and question us about where we have been, have we been around anyone with symptoms, etc., etc . I inquired to have them show me the legitimate laws for them to do this; none were produced, only: “This is our policy. We follow the CDC, and it must be enforced, and the orders of the governor. (This was from

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Vote surpression

I was told I would have to vote outside if I didn’t wear a mask and in November I would have to wait in the cold while people with masks voted inside. Thinking I was a Biden supporter, he went on to say we know most non-mask wearers are Trump supporters so we are going to make it as difficult as possible to vote for him. Citizen Joe Effingham, NH

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Couldn’t Vote

On the Tuesday September 8th, we were told at the Cawley Middle School that we could not go in to vote if we didn’t wear a mask. My wife and I after much complaining were allowed to vote. Earlier in the day, my daughter and son in law had to vote outside in the back for not wearing a mask and the votes were put in a cardboard box. We do not know where that box and those votes ended up. Richard Amador Hooksett, NH

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Masked Shamed by Local Small Business

I went to Birkenstock (shoes and apparel outdoor clothing store and small business) in Concord for the FIRST AND LAST time. Standing in front of me were two employees, so a total of three of us plus two other people in the far end of the store at least 30 feet away. I asked for Pete (one the employees) and was answered with a commanding threatening firm voice: “You have to wear a mask here in this store. Can I get you one!” I said “I am only here to see Pete” (in the hopes he would loosen up a

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Felt threatened while shopping

I do not want to disclose the company’s name as they respected the fact that I can not wear masks due to my medical conditions. The place of business is located in Manchester, NH. I went out for my monthly grocery shop yesterday 8/5/20 while entering the business. They have a employee stationed at the front of the store, the employee tried to hand me a mask and I politely stated I could not wear a mask do to medical conditions. The employee gave me this puzzled look like I could not refuse a mask. While in the store I

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Children are being robbed of their developmental needs

My daughter just turned six, do you know what she wanted for her birthday? To be able to “go back to school and see my friends” … now because of media fear mongering and false data I have to have the heart breaking conversation with my daughter that she can only go back to the school she loves for 4 hours a day 2 days a week. I have to tell my employer that my availability will again change, I have to re-configure childcare if available, I have to reconfigure remote learning, I have to reconfigure schedules, I have to

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