Masked Shamed by Local Small Business

I went to Birkenstock (shoes and apparel outdoor clothing store and small business) in Concord for the FIRST AND LAST time.

Standing in front of me were two employees, so a total of three of us plus two other people in the far end of the store at least 30 feet away. I asked for Pete (one the employees) and was answered with a commanding threatening firm voice:

“You have to wear a mask here in this store. Can I get you one!”

I said “I am only here to see Pete” (in the hopes he would loosen up a little and let the whole mask thing go).

But no, with the same commanding threatning firm tone of voice, he said: “You have to wear a mask here. It is the store policy!!”

There was no room for negotiation. It was his way or the highway.

So, I said, “OK, well I will see Pete later anyway, and I am leaving and you are loosing a customer.”

He looked at me and said, “Ok,” while he was waving me away to get out.

Still shaken up, I went to Abuchon where I was nicely treated and told my story to everyone standing at the register.

The young happy woman asked: “What business is this again?”

“Birkenstock located on main street right here in Concord,” I said.

She said: “Well, I know where I am not going to do business.”

Thank you

Cinthia Joy
Concord, NH