Felt threatened while shopping

I do not want to disclose the company’s name as they respected the fact that I can not wear masks due to my medical conditions. The place of business is located in Manchester, NH. I went out for my monthly grocery shop yesterday 8/5/20 while entering the business. They have a employee stationed at the front of the store, the employee tried to hand me a mask and I politely stated I could not wear a mask do to medical conditions. The employee gave me this puzzled look like I could not refuse a mask.

While in the store I was approached by a manager who asked why I was not wearing a mask, and I stated I had medical conditions which prevents me from wearing masks. The manager said that was all he needed to hear and I would be fine.

After the manager left, I started to have a panic attack out of fear other shoppers may attack me, like they do in other states. This panic attack then triggered an asthma attack. I started wheezing and coughing from the asthma attack. I had forgotten my rescue inhaler in the car, so I quickly went to the front of the store and paid and got out to my car.

I wanted to leave my shopping cart and go to my car for the inhaler; however, I did not want to have to re-enter the store again and risk triggering another asthma attack so I rushed through checking out. My fear was that if I triggered another attack and could not control it, then I would have to go to the ER putting myself at great risk of catching covid.

These mask policies are out of control, and people need to think before confronting others. People with disabilities should not have to feel threatened while trying to do their food shopping.

James Webb
Manchester , NH