A whole family with health issues treated unfairly

I have severe glaucoma and if I don’t wear a mask for a one hour appointment then my glaucoma specialist refuses to treat me. I haven’t had an appointment with her since before this whole pandemic started.

I also have congestive heart failure and wearing a mask makes me dizzy.

My non-verbal very sweet and polite son has autism and he was refused entrance into a restaurant. He is very lonely and outings to restaurants are very important for his mental health. The Office for the Disabilities Act said they can just bring food to the car and that he doesn’t have a case. I think it’s discriminations and abuse.

My husband has multiple sclerosis a disease which is aggravated by stress. He was abused as a child by a mother who smoothened him with a pillow when he cried as an infant. It is very stressful for him to wear a mask but he does. I don’t think it’s right or fair.

I went into a furniture store and I was told I had to wear a mask. I didn’t want to put a mask on but I tried to stay 6-feet away from people and I held the mask to my mouth when I passed by other people. About five employees kept telling me I had to wear the mask and the manager said I would have to leave the store.

I am told that I can’t be seated at a restaurant unless I give them my name and phone number. That is my personal information and I don’t believe I should be forced to give that information to people, so I left.

When all three of us go in a restaurant we are often not served because all three of us don’t want to wear a mask.

My other son who doesn’t have disabilities tells people who say he has to wear a mask that he is leaving and he will never come back.

This is terribly wrong.

Sharon Hart
Peterborough, NH