Business and elderly clients are shells of themselves

I have a cleaning business that has contracted to a shell of itself. This story is not about money—lucky for me, I am not a typical consumer and have multiple sources of income. I presently am going to one account every two weeks. My client is elderly and was a very youthful 80-year-old before this started. She is a recent widow and has no socialization going on, per the Governor’s order. Her friend in the house is the television, which I have repeatedly told her is not her friend. As the weeks pass, I watch her skin sallow, and her anger and fear grow. She, too, I could say, is just a shell of her past self. Are we really protecting her? She has aged so rapidly over the last 6 weeks, and how sad to think that if she dies within the next year (highly likely in 80’s) her last months were isolation, fear, and anger.

From any perspective, this has been nothing more than gasoline and a match that the media has torched our society with the help of the governors, to promote their agendas. Neighbors will never again be neighbors.

Cheryl Lamoureux
Durham, NH