Need to work

My son and I are both out of work because of this virus. I work at a freezer warehouse through another company and they cut back staff due to virus. Chrisitna Hileman Derry , MA

Single mom of 3, self-employed no more

Hi, I am a single mom with 3 kids, and I have my own skin care business and salon where I rent out space, but no one is working or paying rent. I have been without work since March 16, and was forced to close on March 27. No income coming in, have not received … Read more

The people in North country are suffering

In North country, we are suffering financially, mentally, emotionally, and health-wise. I am a business owner/sole proprietor who cleans major resorts and private residences, and although housekeeping/janitorial services may come under this “essential business” umbrella, that’s rather useless when the places you clean are no longer operating. I own a home, vehicles, have bills as … Read more

Job loss, weddings cancelled

My fiance, who will “likely” be my wife within a couple of weeks lost her job last week. I say “likely” because every last thing is up in the air, so we “may” only be able to go to the Town Hall and make it official there. We aren’t even sure if that is possible … Read more

Hours reduced, but no state assistance left for me

My hours were reduced (but at least I am partially employed!). According to NH Employment Security (NHES) I qualify for unemployment. After submitting my claim each week and not receiving money I called NHES. Even though I qualify, because I’m working others need it more than I. Except that I now make about what McDonald’s … Read more

The state closed me down and expects me to survive

I own and operate a 7 room bed & breakfast. I was closed down on March 16 when I was told I was non-essential. As a sole proprietor (no employees), I was—am—not eligible for the PPP, any SBA assistance, and unemployment has been a joke. The state closed me down and expects me to survive. … Read more

Savings lost, disrupted wedding and college plans

My family has been seriously disrupted! Spouse savings have been lost for retirement because of market losses due to shutdowns. One daughter cannot have the wedding and reception she planned for over the past year. Other daughter’s senior year of high school was disrupted, and she can’t work to save for college (where she has … Read more

2019 small business of the year, about to lose my business

I live in Hudson, NH, and I own The Bar. We have been shut down since March 13th per order of the Govenor. Last year, I was awarded small business of the year, but this year, I’ll most likely lose my business. I have 13 employees, 2 of whom gave up on unemployment. I have … Read more

Olde Bay RV

My husband and I opened an RV business in June 2007. It is a very established business with many happy return customers. We have raised a family of three outstanding humans who are all assets to their individual communities. We weather the New England winters knowing that our prime time for business is April-July, and … Read more