Waiting for time sensitive ESSENTIAL surgery

In mid-March I was told that my MRI revealed the pain and swelling in my knee was due to my meniscus root being torn off the bone. This repair is time sensitive and must be done within a specific window or it will escalate to a full blown knee replacement. Unfortunately, my doctor told me that NH has stopped all non life-threatening surgeries, and I would be called to schedule my surgery once they were able to do surgeries once again.

Then, within a few days of that news, I was laid off. My employer paid our April health insurance premium, but I have yet to hear what will happen going forward. My surgery, my job, and my health insurance all lay in the hands of our Governor. This is not right, and nobody should have this much power. I know I’m not alone, there are others who sit in pain waiting. This shut down must end now !

Cheryl D.
Northwood, NH