Forced to close or sell our business

I’m a 58 year old handicapped women that owned a very successful business in Worcester, MA for 28 years. I gave that business to my son, and we opened in NH 2 years ago because we bought a house in Hampton. I could work out of my home for free, but it’s not allowed because of extreme prejudice and excessive regulation against body art establishments, so I have to pay extremely high rent to be in the mall in Newington.

Then we got hit with COVID-19, and with the shut down, we still have to pay rent and utilities at the mall, but there’s nothing coming in. Because we’re a new business, we don’t have an income yet. We’re getting ROI (return on our investment), not income, so we don’t qualify for any type of help.

I work helping breast cancer patients and people in general feel and look better. I’ve dedicated my life to working and have never asked for anything, but since we’ve moved to NH it’s been impossible to make a living. It’s looking like we’re going to be forced to close or sell.

Rosemarie Andlauer
Hampton, NH