Legislative UpdateWeek of Feb. 19th, 2024

Last week, the House voted on HB1677, a bill expanding the Education Freedom Account program to all failing districts. Unfortunately, the bill failed. By the time they got to this bill, Republicans had lost the majority in the room, and Democrats were vehemently opposed to education choice programs. Our treasurer, Rep JR Hoell, wrote this fantastic op-ed about our failing school districts and the importance of providing choice. Op-ed here.

HB1156, the WHO/CDC nullification bill has been amended and leaves the committee with a tied vote, so no recommendation. This is normal in tied committees and was the best-case scenario for this bill. The first motion on the floor will be “ought to pass.” The bill was amended to only apply to the WHO, but this is an important step forward and the most vital part of the bill.

Wednesday, February 21st, N.H. House
LOB, Room 206-208

⭐ 9:00 a.m. – SUPPORTHB1664
This bill allows any patient who was under 21 years old at the time of treatment and hurt by gender transition surgeries or drugs to be able to sue for damages for 20 years or at any time for infertility.

The medical establishment and Big Pharma are deceiving unsuspecting families about these experimental treatments, and it is important we give legal recourse to victims.
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Thursday, February 22nd, N.H. House SESSION
This bill restricts data sharing from the state immunization registry to other organizations or states unless the patient can opt-out.
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