Executive Council: Vote No On Grant 

Currently, item #52 has been tabled, but it will be discussed and voted on again on Wednesday, July 10th, at the next Executive Council meeting.

This item concerns the approval of a grant for “mental health services” in public schools. A few years ago, the EC accepted a similar grant for medical care in public schools, and now we are seeing the nightmare that is “school-based health clinics” come to NH schools. 

Often, these grants the EC accepts are giant, vague umbrellas for the smaller grants that will automatically be accepted under them for specific programs we don’t even know about now. See my interview with Ann Marie Banfield. The federal government is infiltrating public schools with these grants and their poison strings that are attached.

The EC needs to stop accepting all grants related to healthcare for schools. While we acknowledge that there is a very real mental health crisis right now amongst children, the proper place for any healthcare treatment is in a healthcare facility, NOT a public school where parents aren’t present. 

Further details on the grant are here.

Write a short email to your Executive Council member and urge them to vote NO on Item #52. 

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