Webinar: Unlocking Propaganda With Lily Tang Williams

RebuildNH Webinar: Unlocking Propaganda with Lily Tang Williams, Feb. 4, 2021

We’ve been fighting against propaganda from “leaders” and “health” officials at the global, national, state, and local level, and the Media has been doing their part to trumpet the deception since the world changed forever in March 2020. We thought it would be helpful for you to hear from a world-class champion for liberty who grew up under a system of propaganda and force.

Join Lily Tang Williams as she speaks about her early life growing up in communist China through 47:30 of this video, which taught her how to recognize and respond to the insidious propaganda machine built to prop up the power of the State and its Media arm. Starting at 47:30 through the end of the video, RebuildNH Chairman Andrew Manuse addresses a question and answer session with Lily Tang Williams, such as: Are there any parallels between Communist China and what is going on today in New Hampshire and the rest of the United States relative to the Covid-19 fiasco and the Red summer of chaos? How have fear and misinformation been used to build up a centralized control atmosphere in our government? How do we recognize state propaganda? How do we handle it emotionally? Can we counter it?

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