This is a time for mourning Dick Hinch, a great leader

Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of RebuildNH, made the following statement about the tragic death of N.H. House Speaker Dick Hinch:

Dick Hinch was a warm and kind man and a devoted public servant. He deserves to be honored for his life and service to this state. This is a time of mourning for us all as we work through the loss of a true leader who worked to unite people and truly listen to their points of view. It will be very difficult to find anyone who will be as good at bringing all of the factions of the House and the other bodies of our government together. Speaker Hinch will be deeply missed.

While I’m not surprised by the media seizing an opportunity to continue its propaganda, I am extremely saddened by the governor’s indiscretion and lack of leadership, the attorney general’s mischaracterization of the truth by omission, and Rep. Bill Marsh’s ignorant hatred blaming other people for something they scientifically have no control over. Using a man’s tragic death to support a political point is not only classless, it’s downright disgusting and has no place in enlightened public discourse.

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