Tell Governor Sununu To Sign SB63

Because of all of your help, SB63 has passed the House and is headed to the Governor’s desk. Last week, we notified you that SB63, limiting the power of health officers to make ordinances, had failed by one vote in the House. The bill was tabled, and this week, it was removed from the table, and Rep. Bill Boyd motioned to reconsider. The bill passed! This was a heavy lift, but we got through all the hurdles. 

Talking points:
•This is a limited government bill.
•This bill is good for businesses that are currently being over-regulated and taxed by health officers.
•Health officers aren’t qualified healthcare professionals. They are volunteers who receive a 3-hour training.
•Currently, health officers have the ability to mandate anything they want at any time. This unlimited, god-like authority leaves the door open for potential government abuses. A small government is a good government.

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