Stop the Nanny State Expansion in Schools Act!

We’ve alerted you to SB343, relative to school-based health clinics, for the past few weeks. The bill is currently tabled, but the sponsor still wants to move forward with rubber-stamping this terrible idea.

Call and email Senator Dan Innis and tell him to withdraw his support from SB343, the Nanny State Expansion in Schools Act.

We need protections against this socialist takeover of the family, not this bill that endorses these dangerous clinics.

Talking points:
-Schools are for learning, not for healthcare
-Parental consent requirements are being ignored in states with these clinics
-The grants funding these clinics will run out soon, leaving taxpayers on the hook
-This is part of the continued agenda to create government dependence from cradle to grave
-We need prohibitions on such clinics to protect children and families 


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