PR: ReOpenNH Will Continue to Challenge Governor’s Stay-At-Home Orders

Demonstrators Will Gather Again at State House on May 2 to Demand State Opens for Business

EAST DERRY, N.H.—Following Gov. Sununu’s move today to extend his State of Emergency order for another 21 days, organizers of ReOpenNH are announcing another demonstration at the State House on May 2, 2020 from noon to 2 p.m., urging the governor to restore reason and balance in our society and get New Hampshire back to work.

“Following the prevailing scientific guidance that is quite evidently true, we believe that Coronavirus is a deadly contagion that poses a substantial risk to people who have underlying diseases and who fall into older age categories, and we are urging all people in New Hampshire to take precautions to protect the most vulnerable,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReOpenNH. 

“At the same time, we believe the people of New Hampshire are best equipped to solve serious problems like Coronavirus, and their individual enterprise and ingenuity need to be unleashed so society can properly function,” Manuse said. “Top-down government planning has never worked to solve problems, and it won’t work now. What we’ve seen in the last two months is centralized planning creating an unfathomable economic crisis that we may not even recover from long after this virus has fizzled out. Every job is essential, and every human person plays a role in fulfilling society’s needs.”

The Rally for Freedom on May 2 will follow a very successful demonstration that took place on Saturday, April 18. On a cold and wet Spring day, more than 400 people opposed Gov. Chris Sununu’s questionable emergency order to demand he lift authoritarian restrictions on healthy people gathering for work, school and community. Many folks pointed out the hypocrisy of allowing gatherings at grocery stores, where people are very likely to spread the virus by touching the same food items, but restricting gatherings at restaurants where social distancing can be easily managed by smart business owners and their patrons who believe the measures are safe. Employers and their employees are capable of the same wisdom, as are community leaders and their supporters, and teachers and their students. Our members have expressed concerns about the uniform treatment of northern counties and southern cities, despite the disparity of infection rates.

For the event next Saturday, organizers are planning to make available face masks to demonstrators who attend and to encourage social distancing. Like the first rally, protesters may also circle the State House in their cars and not risk exposure at all. Organizers also are asking demonstrators who think there is evidence to reject these measures to respect the people who want to abide by them so everyone who wants to express their frustration against the governor’s top-down orders may do so at their own comfort level.

“This is a call to action for the people of New Hampshire to stand together, even if six-feet apart, and demand that the governor respect their freedom to pursue the life they believe will benefit society most, while respecting the concerns of their neighbors,” Manuse said. “We want New Hampshire open now, not when a task force made up of politicians and lobbyists say it can open, and we want the respect and dignity to use our own common sense when it comes to the manner in which we do this.”


About ReOpenNH

ReOpenNH is a group of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason, a petition drive at, and coordinated demonstrations against arbitrary government.

6 thoughts on “PR: ReOpenNH Will Continue to Challenge Governor’s Stay-At-Home Orders”

  1. In the Governor’s reopen task force meeting yesterday the dynamic where people don’t want to go back to work because they are getting paid more on unemployment was brought up at least 3 times. They don’t know how to deal with it. What does that dilemma have to do with public health?

  2. Sununu. End this madness. Big government Democrats want the economy to remain in shambles. Prove to us you want more for our state than they do. It’s live free or die.

    Also closing state parks was an incredibly stupid move. This tells me you don’t actually care about the health of our residents. Liquor stores open, but state parks aren’t? We the people aren’t buying this crap. Open back up now!

  3. The NH government is doing this PRECISELY BACKWARDS.


    The government’s sole role here should be to provide guidelines, protect the vulnerable populations that are under their direct responsibility (e.g. state-run retirement/convalescent homes), and leave the rest of us to figure it out. That’s what always happens anyway!


  4. Governor Sununu please stop this assault on our civil liberties! Let’s end this nonsense! More people are going to die from the reactions to Coronavirus than the virus itself. 1 out of every 7 people are NOW unable to provide food and shelter to their families. Some don’t qualify for unemployment. So why are we punishing the job creators??!!!

    As long as Big Box stores are open, so should be small businesses who can follow the CDC guidelines. Antibody testing is proving the facts that this virus is not the deadly thing they drummed up!

    Open the beaches to NH residents just like golf courses. This is beyond stupid. Closing parks and beaches proves you are double talking. You say people should exercise but close down parks and beaches. Have you ever tried to walk on busy roads here in NH? Talk about risk of life! It’s safer for families with children to go to parks and beaches.

    We are ignoring how horrible this is on children. Can we please stop this nonsense? Let kids go back to school, let small businesses open back up, we’ll be able to social distance since we know viruses don’t just jump around.

    Lastly suicides are on the rise. Next will be looting and robbing. This lockdown is unconstitutional and unnecessary.


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