5 thoughts on “ReopenNH Interview with NH Today, the Weekend Edition”

  1. With our State’s level of covid 19 penetration it is crazy to keep on inflicting economic wounds.

    The lockdown probably causes more deaths than the virus. As a 74 yo man I am willing to take the risk.

  2. 1.3 million NH citizens
    259 coronavirus deaths
    The restrictions imposed are based on the false pretense of a “State of Emergency” that can not be justified.

    Give NH our FREEDOM back

  3. I’ve lived in NH my whole life, it’s so sad to see what it’s become. We don’t deserve the “Live free and die” motto, maybe “Live free and cry” is better. Reopennh is a great step in the right direction. We don’t need a dictator for a governor. This idiot couldn’t be enjoying himself more.

  4. How can we, as law biding citizens, be forced to lose our livelihood while Democratic leaders around the country have accepted the both protesters and lawless rioters do not have to follow those rules!

    Open up now!!!


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