PR: ReopenNH Decries Security Theater of Mask Wearing

ReopenNH Says ‘No Thank You’ to Restrictions, Urges People To Start Living As Normal

EAST DERRY, N.H.—On the eve of the governor’s expected ruling to extend his State of Emergency for another 21 days, 178 Democrats sent a tyrannical letter demanding the governor issue orders requiring all Granite Staters to wear masks in public.

“These House Members, clearly enemies of liberty, have hypocritically argued for years, ‘My body, my choice,’ and now they have suddenly become enamored with the same top-down, single-solution approach that Gov. Chris Sununu has been imposing on the state,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReopenNH. “The correct solution for New Hampshire is to allow the free market to solve these issues and not some task force or set of unconnected bureaucrats and lobbyists. It’s time for establishments to just start reopening.”

“Lawmakers should be basing policy recommendations and decisions on sound science, which involves consideration of a diverse set of opinions based on actual data, and not one, purely reactionary emotional decision that has the appearance of security theater,” said JR Hoell, treasurer of ReopenNH. “As lawmakers and various community leaders begin discussing mask wearing as a possible mandate, ReopenNH publicly decries the idea as scientifically unsettled and potentially harmful.”

Gov. Sununu is expected to extend his State of Emergency Executive Order for another 21 days tomorrow. This is the legal document that he claims gives him the authority to order people around; everything from banning worship services in excess of nine people to forcing people to stay home.

Granite Staters should look to other states, such as Georgia, which started reopening on April 24 and are already seeing decreased instances of death. In Wisconsin, its Supreme Court correctly ruled today that similar shutdown orders in that state are unlawful. South Dakota, which has never instituted the type of draconian orders as the governor has in New Hampshire, did not have any statistical difference in their death count on a per capita basis. References to these statistics can be found at

“The science is not settled on whether wearing masks is helpful for the wearer or others around them.” Manuse said. “Wearing a mask gives people a false sense of security and causes them to be more careless about the actual habits that spread disease.”

“Drafting public policy that infringes on individual rights ahead of actual data is feebleminded at best,” Hoell said. “With zero deaths under the age of 60 that did not have an underlying health condition, the best thing we can do is fully reopen New Hampshire. It’s time for Granite Staters to start enjoying their lives and reopening their establishments without regard to the government’s unlawful mandates.”


About ReOpenNH
ReOpenNH is a group of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason, a petition drive at, and coordinated demonstrations against arbitrary government.

20 thoughts on “PR: ReopenNH Decries Security Theater of Mask Wearing”

  1. We the people of the state of NH do not what contact tracing, mandatory mask, or any mandatory medical procedures!! We want our God given rights to be RESPECTED!!

  2. Get out of the way of freedom, individual rights, free trade, livelihoods, and life!
    We do not need or want tyranny.

  3. My government will keep me safe from an invisible enemy (based on a flawed mathematical model) by putting me under house arrest, making me unemployed, ratting out my neighbors, and taking away my human rights.

    • I had a contractor from MA up refinishing my decks & porches the last week or two. He grew up in communist Poland, and has been horrified – he sees us slipping into the patterns similar to what he grew up with…where so many people are spies, working for the state, turning in their neighbors for trivial infractions.

  4. When Tyranny becomes law, Rebellion becomes your duty!

    We are the Live Free or Die state….when did we elect these “live in fear and cower” representatives? The fact is that this virus is no worse than the yearly flu pandemic, which we do NOT force healthy people to be locked down for. These “representatives”, including that RINO governor we have, all need to be replaced!

    If people don’t feel safe, then they can choose to stay home. For the rest of us, this is NOT acceptable. We have jobs we cannot bring home, or do at home. We need to feed our families, and pets, and pay our bills, too. You don’t have the right to force us onto government welfare in the form of unemployment and other services. We have a RIGHT to the pursuit of happiness, read the charters of freedom (Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights), it is all in there. The needs of the few do NOT outweigh the needs of the many. Protect those who need protected, and leave the rest of us to our business of being FREE CITIZENS! We are NOT your subjects!!

    • Amen. I believe this virus is worse than the yearly flu – but it wont be over til it has run its course. The longer the shutdowns continue, the longer it will take for to reach herd immunity. Those who want to put themselves under house arrest are free to do so. The rest of us can participate in the economy and life and build antibodies against the virus, so we can safely visit grandparents!

      Beware of Mindi Messmer, running for Executive Council. She has been petitioning the Governor to take draconian measures. Also she has asked her hundreds of Facebook followers to take pictures of people in public without masks, and to send her the pictures so she can pixel there faces, and broadcast their faces everywhere to “shame” them.

  5. I have Lupus SLE and I was watching a doctor tell us that wearing of masks does not help stop the spread of Covid-19. In fact all of the medical research done shows that wearing masks and restricting proper air flow causes the production of air into your lungs to produce cortisol, which then compromises your immune system!! Then you are ripe for catching Covid-19. So no thank you Governor Sununu you are not a doctor the medical effects of wearing a mask should be considered here not your own political agenda!!

  6. Masks don’t work. We are living in a communist country with these rules for something with no more deaths than the flu. This is absolutely insane. No masks

  7. This draconian unhealthy measure has exposed Sununa as the RINO he is. We need to open the state and give care to those that are sick. This is a demonic world these people are putting forth. All people break that fear and live in the land of the free. We dont need a man made Govmnt to force safety on us. I have the right determine my own.

  8. Could not agree more…NO MASKS!! This entire PLANDEMIC and the orders by the Gov. are based on bad science, inflated death counts and a lack of leadership by most government officials. Most politicians are caving into the the media driven hype over something that does not effect the vast majority of people.

  9. God gave us an immune system, and if you are in good health (no obesity, pre-existing conditions, compromised immune system) then your body is used to destroying the constant daily introduction to new viral particles and bacteria. There is so much false information that is media driven, and a mask in this situation is the symbol of the violation of our constitutional rights, forcing things on the citizens that are not for the good of the individual or the society. The thin mask passes droplets from a sneeze, and is no better than sneezing into your elbow. Only N-95 respiratory masks work and they should not be in the hands of citizens but provided to health care workers, who are working closely with infected patients.


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