PR: ReopenNH Announces Second Round of Endorsed Candidates

Amid Decline of Coronavirus, Governor is Still Ramping Up Rules, Signaling A Need to Replace Him

EAST DERRY, N.H.—As Gov. Chris Sununu digs in his heels by continuing emergency orders when there is no longer an emergency, ReopenNH announces a second round of endorsed candidates who are prepared to replace the current do-nothing lawmakers who are allowing the governor’s edicts to circumvent the rule of law.

ReopenNH’s final pre-primary list of candidate endorsements adds to its existing list of candidates that can be found at, and highlights a group of men and women who will work to change the unconstitutional laws that His Excellency is using to continue his fear-based reign. 

“From the very beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, ReopenNH has acknowledged that COVID-19 can be dangerous to certain people, but we have also emphasized that the governor simply does not have a Constitutional role to take over total governance of the state, because the lawmaking role is reserved for the Legislature,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReopenNH. “We are pushing for a new Legislature that will put the governor’s authoritarian and unconstitutional leadership in check. We’ve asked ReopenNH members to put their time and energy into supporting endorsed candidates throughout New Hampshire to improve our chances of changing the trajectory of the state.”

In addition to pushing for a new Legislature, ReopenNH had already endorsed Karen Testerman for governor to replace Gov. Sununu, which would also help resolve the current governor’s overreach. Today, we add emphatic support for Executive Council Candidates Dave Wheeler, Timothy Comerford and Joseph Kenney, as well as a significant group of new State Representative and State Senator candidates which can be viewed on our website. We are hopeful that these men and women, once elected, will help correct the abuses of authority that we have all experienced since March by amending and repealing certain state laws and ending the “Emergency Order” reign of Gov. Chris Sununu.

In the case of Dave Wheeler’s race in Executive Councilor District 5, he is facing off against Sen. Bob Clegg, who in 2002 was the prime sponsor of RSA 4:45, the unconstitutional statute that Gov. Sununu is using to claim authoritarian powers. In addition to his push to expand State power, Clegg is fighting dirty against his ReopenNH opponent, lying about his history and reputation, which the Media should be calling out. Between this race and the race between Testerman and Sununu, the state’s future could be dramatically restored if voters choose ReopenNH endorsed candidates. It remains to be seen whether a “silent majority” still exists in New Hampshire to thwart this treachery and restore reason and balance.

“It is time for Sununu to go, and we must also replace the do-nothing Legislature and Executive Council that allowed him to get away with his run on power, while keeping threats to liberty such as Bob Clegg away from seats of authority,” Manuse added. “We believe our slate of candidates will abide by the rule of law while also crafting policies that provide guidance to the public on matters of public health that they can choose to act on according to their own free will. It is imperative that we move past our fear, and move on to the stage where we can rebuild our lives.”

For more information on ReopenNH and the principles it stands by, please visit our candidate endorsement page at For more information on the questions our endorsed candidates answered on our candidate survey, please visit:


About ReOpenNH:

ReOpenNH is a PAC made up of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason, a petition drive at, and coordinated demonstrations against arbitrary government.

3 thoughts on “PR: ReopenNH Announces Second Round of Endorsed Candidates”

  1. I am running for state representative in concord NH ward 5 district 10. I have been against this Tyranny Coronavirus rules and regulations. Businesses are suffering and this is all about control and taken rights away. I have taken the survey and I would love to have your endorsement

  2. I recently was fired from my 8 year job after the passage of a Lebanon, NH. Mask Ordinance passed on 8/13/20.
    I refuse to have my Liberties and life stolen.
    Because of the Governors Emergency Declaration, Towns and cities have taken draconian measures not based in science to the extreme.

    • Yes they have. Went into Apple and before I could go into the store, they did my temp, asked questions and insisted that my mask cover my nose. I said #7 Nashua ordinance states health issues and said that I have because I can’t breath with the mask. Apple doesn’t care. This is where we are at now in America. SHEEP!!! Don’t care when people died from the flu in nursing homes.
      I’ve had it and it is unfortunate that Sununu will be reelected because dems like him because that’s what he is.


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