RebuildNH Celebrates As 10 Supported Bills Become Law

Now that all of this year’s RebuildNH bills have had their day on the governor’s desk, we’re pleased to announce that 10 of our legislative efforts from this year have passed into law. We could not have advanced this pro-liberty legislation without your help, and we are quite grateful for your efforts.

The following RebuildNH supported bills are now the law of the land:

⭐ HB 1466, relative to the off-label use of prescription drugs and relative to pharmacy prescriptions.This law, effective immediately, allows medical practitioners to prescribe medicines for reasons other than their indication and would prohibit the state from punishing pharmacists for filling such prescriptions.
⭐ HB 1495, prohibiting the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status. The title of this new law, effective immediately, speaks for itself, but requirements for businesses that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding may be different based on federal regulations.
⭐ HB 1439, relative to health care facility visitation policies. This law, effective immediately, allows a designated family member to be present with a patient in a medical facility to serve as a patient advocate.
⭐ HB 1003, prohibiting health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status. The title of this new law, effective immediately, speaks for itself.
⭐ HB 1488, expanding the prohibition against discrimination based on an individual’s election not to participate in the state vaccine registry. This law, effective on July 19, 2022, prohibits schools, child care agencies, and government health agencies from discriminating against any person who is not included in the state’s immunization registry.
⭐ HB 1608 relative to withdrawal from the state immunization registry. This law, effective immediately, requires the state to inform citizens of their right to withdraw their COVID vaccination status from the state’s vaccine registry.
⭐ HB 1606, making the state vaccine registry an opt-in program. This law, which takes effect on July 1, 2023 (next year), will give patients the choice whether to participate in the state’s vaccine registry and will also require a patient’s explicit consent to add any patient data to the registry.
⭐ HB 1280, prohibiting a parent’s refusal to vaccinate a child from being used as evidence in any proceeding to terminating parental rights. The new law literally says: “A parent’s decision not to have their child vaccinated shall not be used as evidence in any proceeding to terminate parental rights.”
⭐ HB 1604, including state medical facilities in the statute providing medical freedom in immunizations. This law, effective Aug. 23, 2022, will require state hospitals and medical facilities to grant religious and medical exemptions from vaccination requirements.
⭐ HB 1455, relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates. This law, effective immediately, prohibits state enforcement of any federal law, order, or rule that requires an individual to either provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or test for the virus more than once per month to keep their job or participate in any other activity.

We understand that five of our bills that passed the Legislature didn’t make it, but this statistic highlights the significance of your activism that enabled the 10 efforts listed above to become law during a session with a razor-thin, pro-liberty majority. It also underscores the importance of preparing for the upcoming primary and general elections. It is incumbent on all of us to make sure high-scoring RebuildNH lawmakers make it back into office and that we also elect a new crew of liberty-friendly legislators to replace those who thwarted our efforts so that we can advance enhancements to these laws and new measures that protect our liberty. To that effect, we will be releasing our 2021-2022 legislative scorecard in the coming weeks that will grade the lawmakers who served this past term as well as our candidate survey, which will help identify which candidates score well on the issues that are important to you.

The fight for liberty never ends, and now that we have you engaged, we really need to make sure you stay involved going forward to keep our pro-liberty momentum going and prepare tomorrow’s New Hampshire for our children. Please continue to stay tuned as the election season unfolds in September and November, and the next Legislative session gets underway early next year.

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  1. We need to work hard at keeping masks off NH children. The recent announcement that the Philadelphia Medical Advisor requiring Pre-K to wear masks throughout the entire 2022-2023 entire school year is outrageous. This is anti-science and anti-safety action against innocent children.


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