PR: ReopenNH Endorses Final Round of Candidates

Electing a Legislature that Leads the State to RebuildNH is the Only Way We Recover

EAST DERRY, N.H.—In a final push to restore liberty in New Hampshire and dispel the fear of a virus that long ago became non threatening, ReopenNH is announcing a slate of endorsed candidates for state offices who we believe would restore the rule of law and end the draconian restrictions that have impeded Granite Staters from rebuilding their lives.

ReopenNH’s final list of 120 candidate endorsements can be found at, where we are also unveiling our new brand to advocate moving forward as a state. We have updated our endorsed candidate list with 18 new endorsements since the primary and removed the 13 candidates who didn’t win, which included 4 Democrats. Only Republicans remain on our endorsed list. New website features allow voters to view the issues we will be working with lawmakers to address once they are in office as the newly rebranded RebuildNH PAC.

“What’s great about our endorsed candidates is they are willing to go on the record saying that they trust their family, friends, and neighbors to responsibly rebuild New Hampshire without government telling them what they can and cannot do, and they know that liberty works better than authoritarian controls to address any crisis that comes our way,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReopenNH, which will be known as RebuildNH going forward. “When these candidates get elected to office, we know they will be working on legislation to end the long list of emergency orders that have unlawfully dictated how we can run our businesses, participate in our religious institutions, and live our lives. With all the top-down abuse of power we have seen that has crushed our way of life, we trust these leaders to work on new laws that restrict the executive branch’s authority to act in an emergency without a check on their authority.”

“Many opinion-makers in the state insist on a drum-beat message that harps on new cases of COVID-19 while neglecting to emphasize context that shows the virus is no longer a threat,” Manuse said. “Additionally, they fail to reference that the great majority of deaths have been in elder care facilities controlled by the state, and even with such a statistic, the death rate is less than 1 percent of those who contract the virus as a whole. This low mortality rate isn’t due to mask use or distancing or any other false sense of security being pushed on the population—it’s because the virus isn’t deadly for most people. The biggest threat facing New Hampshire is the power hunger shown by executive branch officials who seem intent on spreading fear to keep their newly usurped authority.”

“We know that changes in state law are needed to remove any executive branch official’s ability to lock down the state in the future, and it is also important to minimize the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services, which repeatedly gave conflicting and arbitrary guidance that any logical person would reject,” Manuse said. “It is imperative to clarify public health law to prevent local officials from acting as if we are a home rule state, when we most certainly are not. We believe our slate of candidates will abide by the rule of law while also crafting policies that provide guidance to the public on matters of public health that they can choose to act on according to their own free will.”

“It is imperative that we move past this episode, move past our fear, and move on to the stage where we can rebuild our lives, rebuild our businesses, and rebuild our state,” Manuse said. “There is nothing else standing in the way of this other than the fear-mongering politicians and bureaucrats that are in power today, and they need to go.”


About ReOpenNH & RebuildNH
ReopenNH is a PAC made up of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason in state government. RebuildNH is the name the organization will be transitioning to following the Nov. 3 election.

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