PR: ReopenNH Calls All Granite Staters to ‘Draw a Line in the Sand’

New Hampshire Peaceful Protesters Will Storm Hampton Beach on Saturday to ReopenNH

EAST DERRY, N.H.—ReopenNH is calling on all Granite Staters to Storm the Beaches this weekend to peacefully liberate New Hampshire from the arbitrary and unlawful edicts of Gov. Chris Sununu and his team of bureaucrats. ReopenNH’s peaceful rally will take place at Hampton Beach on Saturday, June 6, from noon to 4 p.m.

“We’re asking Granite Staters to help us celebrate D-Day and the freedoms that our ancestors were willing to fight and die for, which many have taken for granted,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReopenNH. “Our forefathers were willing to storm the beaches of Normandy under enemy fire to liberate our mother countries overseas and prevent the spread of tyranny to our land. Let us not lose the spirit that made America the envy of the world.”

“We must have the same passion for protecting the rights of individuals, businesses, religious organizations, and nonprofit groups and not let government or unruly mobs trample our liberty,” Manuse added. “Remember, our Constitution was written to protect the rights of minorities, so even if it seems like Granite Staters are facing an insurmountable force, we should rest assured that the Rule of Law and God Almighty are on our side.”

As of this writing, Gov. Sununu has still not posted updated “emergency orders” to the governor’s Web site, which means technically the ocean beaches are still arbitrarily “closed.” The governor’s self-appointed task force has provided recommended guidance for beachgoers to remain “transitory,” while “stationary activities on the beach are not permitted.” The guidance also restricts groups to fewer than 10 people. It is not clear, however, whether the governor or anyone has actually granted authority to the task force and on what legal grounds the rules are based.

“Regardless of what unlawful maneuvers the executive branch has used to declare its arbitrary edicts, ReopenNH is speaking for the people and declaring that these edicts do not have the force and effect of law,” said JR Hoell, treasurer of ReopenNH. “With our Storm the Beaches rally, we plan to draw a line in the sand and declare that New Hampshire is open statewide. It is time to say ‘no more.‘ No more stay-at-home orders, no more lock downs, no more arbitrary rules, no more junk science used to justify poor public policy, and no more state of emergency.”

“Gov. Chris Sununu thinks it is OK for us to stand and watch our children play in the water, but it is not OK to lie or sit down on a beach towel,” Manuse said. “We’d like to understand the science that His Excellency is using to make this determination. Is COVID-19 carried by sand crabs or does it remain on sun-baked sand particles? Does it travel through fresh air? One thing we confirmed during the 1918 Spanish Flu is that fresh air is antiseptic, and patients who experienced fresh air and sunshine during recovery had the lowest fatality rates at the time.” 

“This Saturday at noon, we’re going to sit down on the beach and enjoy everything it has to offer,” Manuse said. “We may even build a sand castle. We will definitely draw a line in the sand. We’re asking folks to bring footballs or frisbees to play catch, a shovel and bucket, as well as their beach towel to sit on, or dry off if they’re feeling bold.”


About ReOpenNH
ReOpenNH is a group of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to regular life through a restoration of balance and reason, a petition drive at, and coordinated demonstrations against arbitrary government.

12 thoughts on “PR: ReopenNH Calls All Granite Staters to ‘Draw a Line in the Sand’”

  1. This is unconstitutional!! It’s wrong that Walmart can open but small businesses continue to be closed because of a virus that is not really a threat to most people!!

    • Thank you for weighing in! No pun intended, but hey, you are bigger than life and proportioned well!

      My Daughter’s birthday is D-Day, really, and I can’t be there…

  2. Wish I could be there but unfortunately I have a previous commitment.

    It is time that we stand up and take back our rights and let Governor Sununu know that we are done with this fake lock down. If they could have a protests last night (and possibly more protests), with all those people in one place and not six feet apart then we can open up fully including being able to spread our towels & blankets on the beach.

    If Sununu doesn’t do something fast I can guarantte that I will not be voting for him in the next election. I’m done with him worrying about what the states around us are doing and start worrying about your own state and its people.

    God Bless & Happy Storming!!

  3. What is wrong with Sununu? Is he a Republican leader with a spine, or just another RINO? He is about to show us.

  4. Open the State. You’re KILLING small businesses! Enough is enough. Protests can and should be allowed during this “pandemic” and should serve as undeniable proof that EVERY small business in this state should be allowed to go back to business as usual!

  5. Governor Sununu,
    Open the state up now.
    It makes no sense to cripple small and medium businesses with devastating losses in favor of ensuring large box stores profit during this ordeal.
    Unless of course, its all about ensuring major corporations stuff your campaign coffers for the next election.
    Follow that money to know who benefits…

  6. I found it ironic, that a group of protesters were allowed to assemble last night in Salem,NH, but the “Field Of Dreams “ park that they were in,is closed due to the pandemic.There’s some strange forces at work about. Enough is enough,open up the economy again!


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