PR: ReopenNH Announces ‘Indefinite ReopenNH Protest’

ReopenNH Chairman Andrew J. Manuse will be among Independence Day Freedom Rally speakers today following a prayer and a reading of the Declaration of Independence, during which he will present prepared remarks from his Op-Ed released this week and announce a new initiative.

At today’s rally, Manuse, as part of his remarks, will proclaim ReopenNH’s new Declaration of Independence, which invites every free person in the State of New Hampshire to protest the governor’s unlawful orders by ignoring them flatly and turning any busybody away with emphasis.

Businesses, religious organizations and any other establishment open to the public may participate by posting the ReopenNH notice, linked below, on their door or window. If a government official attempts to shut them down, they are invited to peaceably throw them out. That’s how liberty and independence work.

Below this paragraph are links for the flyers we are distributing. Here is a link to the Op-Ed, which may be used in its entirety or in part for quotations in a news article:

Download Color Flyer

Download Black & White Flyer

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