PR: RebuildNH Celebrates End to State of Emergency

Effort to Restore the Republic of New Hampshire and Protect It From A Repeat Event Begins Today

EAST DERRY, N.H.—RebuildNH is celebrating victory today as the no-longer State of Emergency has officially come to an end, and is acknowledging the efforts of many activists and legislators who fought diligently behind the scenes during the past 65 weeks for the return to balance in New Hampshire government.

“I am super excited today by the long-overdue end to the State of Emergency and the official restoration of the New Hampshire Republic and its balance of powers, but now the real work begins to make sure we amend emergency powers laws to ensure no governor can ever run away with authoritarian control of the state again,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of RebuildNH. “I am grateful for all of our activists who tirelessly contacted their representatives and senators each week, and I’m also grateful that the Legislature heeded the people’s call and worked behind the scenes to return power back to the people, where it belongs.”

The Constitution, which was drafted during a much more severe smallpox pandemic, outlined how government ought to be limited to ensure the people’s liberty. It was balanced with three co-equal branches to ensure one branch did not rule over the other branches or the citizens. Over the past 65 weeks, the governor, who leads one of these three branches, exercised control over the whole government without any checks on his power, and we learned the hard way why this was a bad idea.

“The founding fathers created a government that was equipped to handle emergencies and outlined that procedure within the founding documents, and it is a shame that our governor chose not to follow the Constitution,” said JR Hoell, secretary/treasurer of RebuildNH. “Part Second, Article 50 lays out that the governor ought to call the Legislature into session to deal with any state emergencies.”

Using a drumbeat of propaganda to spread unsubstantiated fear about the COVID-19 pandemic, the executive branch mantra “two weeks to flatten the curve” transitioned into 65-weeks of pointless and scientifically unfounded dictates that wreaked havoc on small businesses, religious institutions, families, and children, whose economic, mental and spiritual health was irreparably damaged. Despite ReopenNH and RebuildNH constantly sounding the alarm about the scientifically flawed stay-at-home orders, mask mandates, social distancing nonsense, and vaccine hype, the governor blindly followed the advice of “experts” who ended up being demonstrably wrong.

“Now that the State of Emergency is over, we need meaningful emergency powers reform to ensure there is a balance of power during the next crisis so that the era of COVID fascism can never be repeated; an era when actual science became political science,” said Melissa Blasek, executive director of RebuildNH, who is also a Republican state representative from Merrimack.

At the end of April, when Gov. Sununu stated he would need to keep a State of Emergency going through the end of 2021 to ensure the influx of federal tax dollars, RebuildNH researched the details and announced this claim was false.

“I was right,” Blasek said, after repeated confrontations with various government officials over the details. “Our work in this area is one of the main reasons why the State of Emergency is over today.”

“It pays to have a citizen Legislature that does the work they were elected to do instead of always relying on the interpretations of bureaucrats that are often politically motivated and factually wrong,” Hoell said. “It’s great when citizens and their 424 elected representatives in the House and Senate step up to the plate to read federal and state statutes and identify what is accurate and true. This is why New Hampshire is so successful as a state compared to states with less representation.”


About RebuildNH

RebuildNH, also known as ReopenNH, is made up of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason in state government.

6 thoughts on “PR: RebuildNH Celebrates End to State of Emergency”

  1. Well, Hooooorahhh! We neither need nor want tyrants or despots in New Hampshire! Thank you NH legislators, and shame on Governor Sununu and the hacks in government that made this travesty a reality for so long.

    Lord Acton: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Cromwell: The longer I live the more I realize that men who wear crowns are
    corrupted by them.

  2. Thank you to the ReopenNH/RebuildNH team for all your hard work this last year in communications, rallies, elections and helping connect us as citizens to our government officials. We would not be celebrating this day if not for you! God bless you all!

  3. Thank you Andrew, Melissa, and all the state representatives who selflessly serve us in New Hampshire beating back this tyranny! This is a wonderful day to remember, when the plug was finally pulled on this illegal state of emergency!

  4. This is great news. Now to prevent it from every happening again. How do we bring this to the people and get them involved. Teaching the facts to the kids in school who have been harmed. Get them , their friends, family, etc organized. Training them to train others

  5. Thank You ALL who have fought the good fight for all of us who were stuck in the throws of this craziness! Working at a medical facility, needing the income, yet having to bow to the nonsense and overreaching authorities. THANK YOU from all of us 9 to 5’ers relying on you, the few faithful Patriots to stand in the gap! Well Done!! 👏👏

  6. We need to make sure that Governor Sununu becomes non-essential when he runs for the Senate against Maggie Hassan. If this governor thinks we will ever let him get elected to another position or even governor again we will show him what the people who he’s suppose to represent think!
    Thank you to Andrew and everyone who has made this happen. It really has been a long hard fight but we all must work together to keep NH the Live Free or Die State and let the liberals understand you move here we’re not allowing our state to be taken over.


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