PR: Gov. Sununu Fails to Keep His Word, Shows He Cannot Be Trusted

EAST DERRY, N.H.—Gov. Chris Sununu obliterated his own credibility today by going against his word that he would support further emergency powers reform as an extension of the 2021 budget deal with Freedom Caucus lawmakers.

“The one rule in politics is that your word is your bond,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of RebuildNH. “Gov. Sununu has proven himself a dishonorable man who is willing to lie to get his way.”

In June of 2021, Gov. Sununu struck a deal with House Leadership to secure the votes of N.H. House Freedom Caucus members for the budget in exchange for his support of additional emergency powers reforms [view PDF from Gov. Sununu to Majority Leader Jason Osborne]. This year, the House and Senate quickly passed these agreed-to reforms in HB 275, which would have codified that our state government is a Constitutional Republic by default, and that both the House and Senate would need to vote to continue a State of Emergency or it should automatically end. The governor, going back on his verbal and written word, vetoed this bill today, despite the fact that it passes Constitutional muster and was the exact language discussed with him last year.

“Chris Sununu has proven he is a deceitful man drunk on power and his own ego,” said Rep. Melissa Blasek (R-Merrimack), executive director of RebuildNH. “This is the pattern of a scoundrel consistent with his lust for power that he exhibited during the State of Emergency when he unconstitutionally controlled the lives of everyone in this state.”

With mask mandates resuming in other states and the governor’s recent veto of HB 1131, which would have prohibited masks in public schools, as well as swirling soundbites about monkey pox, Granite Staters ought to pray the governor will not declare another life-altering, job killing, State of Emergency with limited Legislative oversight.

Despite recent losses due to the governor’s veto pen, liberty activists are more determined than ever to roll back tyrannical tendencies within the Executive Branch.

“Gov. Sununu has shown that he can’t even be a team player with those in his own party,” said JR Hoell, treasurer of RebuildNH. “Short of replacing the governor, we encourage activists to make the governor irrelevant by electing a super majority of liberty-minded lawmakers.”

We strongly encourage everyone who values our natural and constitutional rights to sign up to run for state representative, state senator, executive council or governor positions when the filing period opens on June 1.

About RebuildNH
RebuildNH, which was formerly known as ReopenNH, is made up of concerned individuals devoted to getting New Hampshire back to work through a restoration of balance and reason in state government.

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