Op-Ed: Our State’s Medical System Needs a Freedom Reset

It is said in great wisdom that “pride comes before a fall.” 

And so, when the corporate media, bureaucrats, globalist drug pushers, and crony politicians started trumping up nurses and doctors as “expert heroes” who could not be challenged at the beginning of the pandemic—and many of them did act heroically—it was not hard to foresee the complete loss of that mantle that has come upon them in multiple forms today.

This is frankly a tragedy for all of us!

Today, many critically thinking, caring professionals who always put the best interest of their patients first—the real heroes—have been forced out of their profession because they refused to inject themselves with an experimental treatment that time is showing to be the dangerous gamble many of us warned about. These were the smart ones who made medicine safe and effective, because they weren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and work directly with their patients to find the right solution to get them the best outcome, even if the “experts” disagreed with their approach. And then the hospitals complain about a staffing shortage. Many of us wonder whether there are any of the real professionals left inside the “hallowed halls” of our state’s homogenous hospitals. Are there any left who don’t take their prescriptions from “doctors” in federal agencies who haven’t seen a single patient for most of their careers?

Is it even worth risking a trip to the hospital? I know people who were refused treatment for a burst appendix, a kidney stone, and a broken arm, despite obvious and present symptoms, because they wouldn’t submit to a COVID test or wear a mask, among other illogical and scientifically disproven hoops that the bureaucrats insisted on and the hospitals enforced. I have a friend who is now fighting to keep custody of his children because he successfully treated one of them with alternative medicine. These people have suffered real emotional and physical hardship for what? Health theater? ENOUGH!

How many people just stayed home to die because they didn’t want to face the prospect of maybe dying alone while being treated by the cruel, authoritarian dictates of today’s hospitals? How many spouses, children, parents, friends, and religious leaders were turned away from providing the needed emotional and spiritual bedside support that their loved ones needed to truly heal? Science has proven humans need the care and attention of loved ones to heal, and yet this most desperately needed care was denied for what? Fear? How many loved ones suffered alone at home, emotionally, physically and spiritually while left completely blind and powerless to help? What trauma will we be living with for years due to this complete malfeasance on the part of the people who are supposed to “first do no harm?”

NHPR recorded Paula Minnehan of the New Hampshire Hospital Association scoffing with disgust in a N.H. House committee at the idea that medical facilities might need to “rebuild their trust,” pointing to “hundreds of years” that they’ve been taking care of patients. Stress or not, it’s not the past hundred years that many folks are concerned about, but the last two, when hospitals completely abandoned humane care in deference to cold, unproven, unAmerican policies that were based on the political aspirations of our state and nation’s bureaucratic elite who superficially wear the word “doctor” next to their name without showing the scholarship that the title demands. And this, Ms. Minnehan, is why it makes sense for the state’s Legislative body that works for the people of this state to require licensed hospitals to allow visitors for patients in their facilities, among many other needed reforms. If Hospitals hadn’t acted with such hubris and inhumanity, the legislative effort wouldn’t be necessary.

How about some competition? It might be time to loosen the health cabal’s grip on the state’s medical facilities and allow the real medical professionals being forced to the sidelines to compete for patients. Before Obamacare, 90 percent of doctors were independent, but now only 10 percent at best are independent and the rest are controlled by hospitals and corporate medicine, thanks to government intervention in the health care market. We have a centralized command and control medical system thanks to Obamacare and Medicare and Medicaid. We need to break-up this top-down system of groupthink and bring back independent medicine.

Perhaps patients ought to decide which model works better for them? I remember one hospital bureaucrat saying, “but we’d never be able to stay in business” upon hearing the idea of eliminating the state’s “certificate of need board.” It ought to be clearly stated into the record: I think that’s the point. Only hospitals and doctors that are truly serving their patients and fighting for their best outcomes, against “expert” advice when needed, are the ones that should be in business, and patients should be the ones to decide where they want to get the kind of care they want and where they want to spend their money. To enable this, financial ties need to be cut with Washington—and maybe even health insurance companies—‚and medical facilities ought to have the freedom to reject patients’ plans that are dependent on the federal dole and forge their own alternative payment policies. This additional competition would drive down medical costs and increase the quality of care. Who knows what free market concepts might bring even better care to our poor and elderly? Have we tried liberty lately? I think maybe it’s time.

Andrew J. Manuse is chairman of RebuildNH, which is also known as ReopenNH, a grassroots group devoted to restoring the rule of law and rebuilding the economy.

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  1. Andrew: You are dead center right! I recently went to have my blood drawn at Epsom Family Medicine (part of Concord Hospital system) lab and they wouldn’t allow me to wait outside without a mask until they called me in for the blood draw (for a physical) and told me to go to another lab! , spoken with a hostile, hateful, anti-Christ spirit! Needless to say I didn’t have the blood draw and may get a complete divorce from the Concord hospital system. This is medical tyranny! They’ve always been about control I believe (as years ago when I started with this PCP I told him “I’m the one in charge here and if that changes at any time you’re gone!”) and this mask wearing requirement brings it right out into the open. And they don’t have to do this as the office manager of the optometrist I used to go to said (a credible source who should know) the CDC is only “highly recommending” mask wearing not mandating it (with a fine). Do you know anyone who has brought a class action law suit against the Concord Hospital system for mask wearing, etc? which is a violation of my constitutional right to bodily autonomy, which I told the lab intake worker which she responded with “find another lab”, as if so I’d like to add my name to it.


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