1 thought on “Nashua Telegraph: Op-Ed: New Hampshire should reopen business”

  1. You dont cover a baby in Stretch Wrap to protect it! The Governor is obviously afraid of the politics of some people dying and is willing to sacrifice your livelihood to save his. No person, no doctor, has any proof at all that closing up everything, making us stand 6 feet apart and putting an entire state on house arrest has any impact. Its a guess! The goalpost moved from flatten the curve to eradicate entirely. That will never happen. No doctor has given us facts regarding the number of benign cases or stats on immunity. We cannot even get tested for immunity due to GOV incompetence in this state. This cure is killing us. We are actually moving towards more draconian and cruel methods like closures of parks that were open 2 weeks ago. What doctor has given us his facts as to why sunshine and fresh air are forbidden but entering a grocery store is OK?
    The spread of low viral loads is exactly what is needed to build immunity. By now, with the contagiousness of the virus, we have all been exposed. This must stop and never be allowed by law to ever happen again. I call on NH legislature to convene and override the Governor. We cant wait until NH is completely flat.


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