Legislative Update Week of March 11th, 2024

HB1610, the bill that would have required all homeschooled, private schooled, or EFA students to be subjected to mandated public school standardized testing, was voted Inexpedient to Legislate unanimously by the committee and is as good as dead. Thank you to everyone who helped in this effort!

HB1002, the bill that would have required an hourly fee for right-to-know requests, has been voted Interim Study by the committee by a vote of 11-9. This is a “soft kill”. It heads to the floor for a vote next.

Thursday, March 14th, N.H. House SESSION

This bill, as amended, effectively nullifies any World Health Organization (WHO) mandate or edict. As we know, there have been threats of onerous pandemic treaties with the WHO that would threaten state and national sovereignty. This bill prohibits the state and its localities from enforcing any WHO mandate or requirement. 

You all helped bring Dr. Kat Lindley to NH for the hearing on this bill. Click here to hear her thorough explanation of the dangers of the WHO pandemic treaty.

Contact your representative and tell them to support HB1156
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