Legislative UpdateWeek of Feb. 5th, 2024

Wednesday, February 7th, N.H. House
Health and Human Services
LOB, Room 206-208

⭐ 1:00 p.m. – SUPPORT HB1663
Medical privacy is a foundation of personal liberty, as demonstrated by the last four years. HIPAA was long misunderstood to protect privacy when it is really about sharing your private data. 
State laws on medical privacy are the only thing that can limit how the medical industry and government share your information. 
Please show your support for this bipartisan bill to update our medical privacy laws and hold them to the high standard of article 2-b, part 1 of the New Hampshire Constitution!
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Thursday, February 8th, N.H. House SESSION
This bill wasn’t on our radar earlier. Apologies. It requires the public to pay $25 per hour for right-to-know requests. This is ludicrous. The government works for us, not the other way around. 
The bill passed the NH House last week, but a motion for reconsideration has been made, meaning it will have another vote on Thursday. 
Please email your reps today and tell them to oppose HB1002 to preserve government transparency. 
Find your representative HERE.

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