Legislative Update Week of May 6, 2024

Thursday, May 9, 2024 N.H. House Session

Bad news folks. Thanks to Rep. Bill Boyd, who may not even have a 50 percent voting record on our issues, SB 63 was not passed by one vote in the N.H. House and was laid on the table. We think Rep. Boyd ought to hear from you to convince him how important it is for him to undo his bad move.

Currently, health officers have a god-like power to make any ordinance they desire. For example, health officials could mandate you dye your grass blue by whim—let’s not give them any ideas, right? Now, we know the greater issues are local mask and vaccine mandates or maybe even forcing an unauthorized WHO Treaty edict onto local citizens, and the important thing is that the state’s legal definition of the word “nuisances” would limit that authority.

In fact, SB 63 would powerfully limit the authority of town health officers so they could only pass ordinances relative to “nuisances” in their communities. RebuildNH has been working on this issue for four years, and this was the first year we were able to secure an agreement with the Senate on language. Again, Rep. Bill Boyd was the only Republican and deciding vote that stymied this bill. 

Please call or text Rep. Bill Boyd and ask him to support pulling SB63 off the table, reconsidering the bill’s OTP motion, and advancing the OTP motion so that it passes the N.H. House. Here’s his number: (603) 660-6077. 

You may also find your representative here to let them know to support SB 63.

The State is coming after your children! If this “Nanny State bill” passes, the obscure Wellness and Primary Prevention Council would meet to determine what legal language would be the most effective to “build a strong system of universal home visiting” for families with newborns and young children.

The council itself was established by statute to increase government-created social services. It’s obvious that the purpose of this bill is to create a new social program so every newborn child and young child in the state would receive a visit from government agents to monitor how they are being raised before the state takes over completely in government-run schools. This effort is simply one more cradle-to-grave Nanny State nightmare scenario that all our dystopian fiction books warned about. Let’s stop this effort before it even begins.

Find your representatives here to let them know to oppose SB 349.

Tuesday, May 7, and Friday, May 10, 2024
Finance Committee Work Sessions
LOB, Room 210-211

More bad news this week. The House passed the undesirable SB 417 without the amendment we supported to make it palatable, and without any changes the bill could further limit due process for parents when their natural right to raise their children is being challenged by DCYF. We really appreciated the amendment by the House Children and Family Law committee, but the House rejected this effort and passed the underlying bill without it, and then referred the bill to the Finance Committee for further work. If this bill passes as is, government court officials will determine whether a parent is fit to perform his or her parental duties relative to “the unique needs of the child, and whether or not the parent is adequately prepared to address those needs.” The state has no business making this determination. Parents ought to be innocent until proven guilty, and the state ought to present real evidence of wrongdoing before even considering an effort to challenge parental rights under the due process of law. Please ask the Finance Committee to amend this bill or support an ITL recommendation.

✉️ Email the committee: HouseFinanceCommittee@leg.state.nh.us

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