Director’s Report: Stop Vaccine Mandates

Legislative action needed for the week of Jan. 30, 2022.

4 thoughts on “Director’s Report: Stop Vaccine Mandates”

  1. Ms Blasek,
    I live in Ashland , NH. I applaud all of the work that you are doing and I plan to attend the hearing next Monday on vaccine mandates for school. What is expected of people attending a hearing like this ? Is everyone recognized to speak ? Will someone from your organization be there to lay out the opposition argument ? How can I help?
    I am retired and have no children or grandchildren that would be affected but this is just SO WRONG . It should not be political.
    My phone number if useful ….603-536-7287 or text to 603- 254-7099

    • I’ll be there. Typically everyone is allowed to speak. Just keep it short. There will be doctors there to lay out the opposition argument.


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