Director’s Report: House Wins! Monday is Big!

6 thoughts on “Director’s Report: House Wins! Monday is Big!”

  1. Hello, I just heard Senator Melissa Blasek’s interview with Tom Woods, there is a group of us here in VT and I am hoping we can connect. We are trying to help a business owner in Newport, VT who is being targeted by Attorney General and UPS, for failing to impose mask mandate.

  2. Hi- I am hearing rumors that the nasal swabs are part of DNA database collection without our knowledge.
    Do you think this is accurate and if so I illegal and unconstitutional.
    Thank you

  3. Thank you for this website!
    This video, and other facet’s of this site have kept me
    Updated TRUTHFULLY through this “pandemic”.

  4. Thanks for continuing to oppoose these ridiculous restrictions. I won’t get my hopes up since we have a rino for a governor and the democrats are a bunch of spoiled brats that will do anything to continue this campaign of fear and control in our formerly “live free or die” state. How do you sign an opposition without testifying?

    • Angry Squirrel, when a bill is before committee, you can follow the instructions we include in our emails to indicate you support or oppose a bill without having to testify. This article explains how to do it for the House, and this article explains how to do it for the Senate. When a bill is in front of the Whole House or Whole Senate, the only thing you can do is contact your representatives about your support or opposition, and that will do a lot of good. Please consider.


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