Director’s Report: Governor Continues to Violate Constitution

Ending the State of Emergency is the only way to fix this. Watch the video to learn more about how Gov. Sununu is distorting the truth and what you can do about it.

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  1. Thank you very much Rep. Melissa Blasek for this report. I wish to note some important points/corrections.

    1. State Reps/the Legislature actually do have control over Emergency Orders. The way to do take control is to vote to end the State of Emergency, because no state of emergency exists. State of emergencies are short-term crisis when there is absent the time for planning and preparation. We are now 11 months into this COVID situation with plenty of time for the Legislature to take action and take control. Voting to end the State of Emergency will end the Emergency Orders and allow the Legislature to decide what actions are needed.

    2. Re: Emergency Order #76 is an order that REQUIRES that doctors/pharmacists/clinics/etc. enter EVERY PERSON IN NH into the State Vaccine Registry when they are asked if they want a COVID vaccine. The Governor has ordered that those who say yes be reported and tracked, AND all those who say NO to also be reported and tracked with no opportunity to opt out of this government registry. This is NOT a tracking of COVID vaccines, this is a registry and tracking of people.

    3. There is NO REQUIREMENT from the CDC that this State Vaccine Registry be used or that it is required that people who reject these experimental vaccines be reported and tracked.

    4. The reporting and tracking of all NH residents who reject COVID vaccines is a personal mandate of Gov. Sununu, not of the CDC.

    5. If the Governor ever removes this order, the process for removing your personal and medical information from the State Vaccine Registry requires a government form and the signed permission of a vaccinating doctor. You do not have the right to independently remove yourself from the State Vaccine Registry. There is NO process for removing your personal information from CDC and “other federal agency” files once that information has been sent.

    6. The governor should be asked to rescind EO#76 as it is not necessary. DHHS has their own vaccine inventory program they use. DHHS is using VAMS (Vaccine Administration Management System) for reporting information on each dose of COVID vaccine. The Vaccine Registry is not active and not needed. The governor should not be ordering it.

    7. At the very least the governor should be asked to amend his order to remove all language “vaccination event” that by NH Rule He-P 307.02 includes those who refuse vaccination for any reason. Yes, the governor is ordering the reporting and tracking of those who refuse COVID vaccines. He claims he is not, but his order requires it. It is necessary for him to amend his order to ensure that it only impacts those who are actually vaccinated with COVID vaccines and not those who are not.

    8. What are the orders that “we actually need”? If you detail those, the legislature could simply propose legislation to address those specific issues. That is much better than saying you can’t end the state of emergency because there might be some order, somewhere that is “needed”.

    And again, thank you Rep. Melissa Blasek for your hard work on this front. Much appreciated.


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