Director’s Report: Ban COVID Passports

RebuildNH Executive Director Melissa Blasek provides updates on legislative priorities. This week action items include: support Medical Freedom Act HB220 in the Senate, support the budget with SOE reform in the Senate, and email the ED&A committee to support the COVID passport amendment to SB155.

Action Items

  1. Please sign-in to support the proposed amendment to SB155, which would ban COVID passports. HOUSE HEARING on Tuesday, April 27 at 1:00PM. More info on Telegram:
  2. Please email the Senate and ask them to support the State of Emergency reform measures in the House budget.
  3. Please email the Senate and ask them to support the Medical Freedom Act (HB220).

2 thoughts on “Director’s Report: Ban COVID Passports”

  1. The vaccine passport is the new and improved (ie. reversed) version of the Nazi Juden Star from before WWII. And we all know how that worked out for the Jews. Allowing the new nazis to do it again is the height of stupidity.


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