Director’s Report: 2023 legislative kick-off

Bills this week

Tuesday, January 17th, N.H. Senate
State House, Room 100

⭐ 1:45 p.m. – OPPOSE – SB 58, relative to arrests without a warrant while in the care of a medical professional on the premises of a residential care or health care facility. This bill lowers the threshold needed for a warrantless arrest in medical facilities. According to this bill, “actual or threatened violence” can cause warrantless arrest. While we appreciate the real issue regarding workplace violence in medical facilities, we worry reducing the burden of proof needed could lead to abuse. If a patient refuses to wear a mask, could they be accused of “threatening violence”? 
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Wednesday, January 18th, N.H. House of Representatives
Municipal and County Government 
Legislative Office Building,
 Room 301-303

⭐ 12 p.m. – SUPPORT – HB 154, relative to the adoption of public health ordinances by municipalities. Currently the law does not require a public hearing in order for a select board to adopt a public health ordinance. This proposal not only provides for a public hearing before the public health ordinance is adopted, but allows the legislative body to vote in the proposed ordinance by a majority vote. The public health boards under this proposal, could be voted on at the annual town meeting or by calling a special town meeting.
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Thursday, January 19th, N.H. House of Representatives
Labor, Industrial, and Rehabilitation Services
Legislative Office Building,
 Room 305-307

⭐ 1:00 p.m. – WATCH – HB 48relative to employee protections from COVID-19 in the workplace. Hilariously, this bill prohibits an employer from discriminating against an employee who receives the COVID-19 vaccine or wears a mask. No one should face discrimination. Please email the committee to request they amend the bill to prohibit all discrimination, including those who refuse to wear a mask or get a vaccine. Click here to register your disposition. Email the committee.

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