Director’s Report: 1/23/22 Legislative Update

Watch to find out which legislative action to get involved in this week.

2 thoughts on “Director’s Report: 1/23/22 Legislative Update”

  1. Leave our children alone. Stop masking our kids, stop trying to teach them CRT or any of its variants and send a message to teachers who try to groom children sexually by locking them away.

  2. Why are our state and federal government legislatures continuing to push legislation on vaccine mandates and mask mandates when now we know from following the science and data that these mandates are hurting and killing people across the globe? I implore our governors, elected leaders including government formed bureaucratic agencies and the president to “STOP THE MANDATES”….Respect the will of the people to stop this madness…When the populations have access to uncensored scientific facts and data we “The People” can make our own health decisions of what is right for ourselves and our children not some politician, government legislature, governor, president or government formed bureaucratic agencies pontificating alongside some men and women dressed in white doctor coats staging cooperate media press conferences that are spreading disinformation and fear into the minds of the populations….We are intelligent human beings and the world populations know they have been played, we will not remain silent while these crimes against humanity are being committed everyday upon law abiding family loving people…I’ll leave you all with a comment from Saul Bellow who once said: “A great deal of intelligence can be exercised on ignorance when the need for illusion is great.”

    Greg Johns
    Moultonborough NH


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