Webinar: COVID-19 Disease and Treatment Overview

Tuesday evening, Dr. David Hartsuch, an emergency department physician and former Iowa state senator who recently opened his own clinic, discussed alternative Covid-19 treatments. Dr. Hartsuch has extensive experience successfully treating Covid-19, and we thought you might like to know what alternative treatments are available.

Please be advised that Rebuild NH does not endorse all of the views of Dr. Hartsuch. Medical licensing boards, under threat of loss of licensure, require doctors to publicly present certain information, and this presentation reflects that requirement, particularly in regards to vaccination. You are always advised to consult with your doctor and your own conscience.

View Dr. Hartsuch’s Powerpoint Presentation.

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One Response

  1. Thank you, I really enjoyed hearing dr. Hartsuch presentation, it is nice to have caring people, on our side

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