DIG DEEP: Citizen Action plan to PASS Parents’ Bill of Rights (HB1431)

We would like to thank everyone who helped during this past week to pass HB 1431, the Parental Bill of Rights legislation. Several state and national news sources had reported this bill was dead before we got involved. Through your efforts, HB 1431 was “revived from the dead” by the House and Senate in the Committee of Conference, which is a mechanism to finalize bills so that both the House and Senate versions contain the same language. This shows that activism works!

This final bill will be voted up or down by the full N.H. House and N.H. Senate on Thursday, May 26, and we could use your help to make sure that this legislation makes it to the governor’s desk. The next task will be ensuring that the governor does not veto this bill. This will be a two-stage campaign.

We need you to DIG DEEP this week to make the Parents’ Bill of Rights a reality. Here’s what is needed:

✉️ EMAIL House Majority Leader Jason Osborne and Speaker Sherm Packard and thank them for ensuring HB1431 passed with agreeable language through the Committee of Conference: sherman.packard@leg.state.nh.us, Jason@Osborne4NH.com

📆 SHOW UP in support of the bill on THIS Thursday, May 26 at 9AM: A group of parents are planning to rally in support of this legislation. If you want to stay for the day and watch the proceedings inside the State House, feel free to do so. If you need to leave for work, the session starts at 10 a.m., and you can head out at that time.

👉 SIGN and SHARE the Parents’ Letter to elected officials. We will deliver the signed letter to the House and Senate on Thursday, and we will continue to collect signatures after the vote to deliver to Gov. Sununu at a later date.

4 thoughts on “DIG DEEP: Citizen Action plan to PASS Parents’ Bill of Rights (HB1431)”

  1. I support parental rights in their children’s education. In spite of dumping more and more tax dollars into public education, our students continue to fall further behind. Teachers unions benefit teachers, not students.

  2. I’m very disappointed in you governor Sununu I voted for you because I thought you were all in for the parents and children of NH, but apparently not! Shame on you! You’ll not be getting my vote for anything you run for in the future as obviously you are not a man of your word!

  3. Regardless of what religion, Our Creator has designed parents to be the first educators of our children. The fact that some parents delegate the task of their child(ren)’s education does not minimize that the parents are still at the helm. Do not these same parents also pay for the public school teachers to carry out this task delegated to them? This is a wake up call to all, especially parents, to assert their God-given design over their child(ren)’s educational well-being.


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